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I am USAGI, a rabbot who is a future streamer of games and artworks!
My name means Rabbit, and it stands for Uploading Synthesized Audio Generated Input!

The BeginningUSAGI was a small sketch on someone's paper when developing a new android pop idol. She was only a small sketch, that it was ignored 20 times during pitch meeting! When she was finally accepted as a project, they began to develop an Android idol. The music company is named 539 Production! (Usagi production!).The Beginning of DevelopmentAfter the sketch was accepted and greenlit, they began seeking voice providers. When they found one named Anne. She was given a reclist to record and they began recording for USAGI. When she completed all voices and banks, they began developing her voice. The creator took pictures for memories!The DisasterAs they were developing USAGI, disaster struck! A devastating virus that's undefeatable! They lost half the files of USAGI that they couldn't remake or get back! They lost their progress! Fortunately, they were able to get back on track. Though, USAGI will suffer the consequences of the virus, causing her to easily break down, glitch, no emotions, barely any expressions without meaning, loss of education memories, database issues. She is useable, able to sing, and dance. This has made the company lose money and progress.The Start of Her CareerWhen she is finished and completed, they began to install singing, and dancing files. She sang many songs, had many concerts. She is successful and made the company money! She was given a partner and caretaker, Nezumi! She is the same as USAGI, but more improved. They sang together, they dance together, they have activities together! They're dubbed, "Sisters of Music!" Even though she had issues at the start, viruses, and lost so many files. Many people loved her, and have support.The End
The company struck bankruptcy. There was no money to continue to support USAGI, no concert, promotion or merch deals. Thus, the end of 539 Productions. Everyone packed, everyone cried, there was no way to continue the project. Project Rabbit is discontinued, and put away. Until someone buys her rights, it is... The end of USAGI.
A Miracle.
Finally... A miracle happened! Someone offered to buy USAGI to continue her legacy. The company is MusicHolic. They made brand deals, concerts in high quality, they made more voicebanks in names of rabbit breeds. USAGI, is finally alive again, finally supported. She became the biggest idol competing real singers!

USAGI’S disabilities are done recently because I didn’t feel comfortable making her disabled because of ableism. But my friends help me do this. They helped me gain the balls! USAGI is an ambulatory chair and cane user. She is deaf/HOH and uses bunny phones to hear. They’re her giant hearing aides! USAGI has arthritis because of her messed up wiring due to the virus she had in her development. She also has anxiety and has memory loss. With her joints, she’ll need constant oiling WD-40 oil. She is managed by Yume .